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Kendra Tilleman

Kendra Tilleman

Kendra Tilleman is on a mission to help others age gracefully. In the ten years since launching Skinfinity Dallas in 2012, the Injector, Esthetician, and Laser Tech has built a reputation for her skincare prowess, while staying ahead of the newest technologies on the market. Though Tilleman admits her entry into the industry was a ‘complete accident’, the entrepreneur undoubtedly found her passion along the way. “Recently I had a client tell me that I was doing what I was born to do,” she said. “One thing I know for sure is everything falls into place when you do what you love.” Today, Skinfinity offers an array of aesthetic treatments and wellness options, from injectables to facials, laser hair removal, micro-needling, micro -pigmentation and skin bleaching , along with PDO Threads and wood therapy for lymphatic drainage. Their newest equipment is capable of helping core to floor options for the body as well as treating cellulite. From the initial consult through the end of the treatment, Tilleman has a genuine discernment for letting her clients know what is best for them and works to achieve specific goals that maximize results. “We have a lot of clients who’ve been with us forever. It’s always rewarding to help them through the whole process and see firsthand how good they feel when they’re comfortable in their own skin.”